La Pause Musicale

A journey to the land of music...

Piano et violon

Since twelve years

La Pause Musicale offers private individual piano and violin lessons for children (from 5 years old), teenagers, adults and seniors and organizes concerts.

"La Pause Musicale" really teaches you to play the piano.


After a few lessons, you will be able to read and play simple scores. It's not a question of studying one or two pieces by heart but rather gradually learning the basics in a fun and structured way. Satisfaction is guaranteed on the short and long term as little by little you become a real pianist.

La Pause Musicale offers a personalized method with thirty original volumes.


We offer you a real adventure in the realm of music. Let us guide you as we reveal the practical and theoretical aspects of the music. Balancing musical theory (music theory, harmony, analysis, music history) and instrument practice, discover the inner enrichment brought by the mastery of the keyboard and the bow.

Awaken the artist within you ...

A complete and authentic curriculum, taught with good humor in a playful and structured spirit.


Maxim Marquette has developed an original didactic method that presents itself as a course of 30 volumes specially created for this purpose.

The student will gradually be immerseal in the musical spirit and address all aspects of music: solfeggio, harmony, analysis, history of music and especially practice of the instrument.

It's a complete and authentic curriculum (cursus), taught with good humor in a fun and structured spirit.

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